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21 02, 2022

Nature Essence Journey Begins


Nature essences are preparations that contain the healing energy of plants, flowers, crystals, waterways and trees. Whilst living in New Zealand, I was lucky enough to be taught the art of making nature essences by a shamanic person who was connected to the nature realms. She taught me how to [...]

Nature Essence Journey Begins2022-02-21T08:20:44+00:00
21 02, 2022

Connecting with Frankincense


A gift from Mother Nature.  Over time, negative and traumatic events can become solidified and “stuck” in our energy field, like a heavy etheric cloak of chain mail. This can manifest in feeling unsettled, and out of sorts, sad, lost, anxious. Feelings of heaviness with a lack of vitality, purpose [...]

Connecting with Frankincense2022-02-21T08:19:01+00:00