A gift from Mother Nature. 

Over time, negative and traumatic events can become solidified and “stuck” in our energy field, like a heavy etheric cloak of chain mail. This can manifest in feeling unsettled, and out of sorts, sad, lost, anxious. Feelings of heaviness with a lack of vitality, purpose and joy may also be present.

These feelings may creep over us at times, or may be triggered by certain events or situations which are an energetic match to the original wound. These old patterns and stuck energies may draw in these experiences, providing an opportunity for transmutation.

How do we shed these old patterns? Frankincense essential oil!

The spirit of Frankincense, when consciously connected with during essential oil work will gently, over time, dissolve old patterns.

Skilfully and so softly, Frankincense works to break the links in the heavy chain mail of energy from the past.

As these links are undone, one-by-one, the whole chain mail can naturally be shed.

How does this feel? A return of a feeling of lightness, joy once more, freedom, a sigh of relief, a connection to self and life purpose, more presence in the now.

To work with Frankincense, add 4 drops to the bath, or work with 4 drops in 10ml of carrier oil (such as sweet almond). The carrier oil blend can be rubbed onto your whole body, or rubbed lightly onto pulse points.

As you immerse or anoint yourself in Frankincense, take several deep breaths in and out of your nose, and intend to make a connection to the spirit of this oil.

Imagine Frankincense enveloping your energy field, gently working to help you. Intend to release all that no longer serves you, old emotions and connections to the past, all that is no longer needed, all that causes you suffering.

Know that you are powerful, and are able to enact this for yourself. Know that it is happening now.

Do this daily or weekly, as a regular practice.

Journal about your experiences and observations.

If you would like help or guided sessions for this journey, I would love to hear from you. Drop me a line at info@bluelilac.co.uk or a text on 07546370498.