What is NO HANDS® Massage and how can it help me? 

NO HANDS® Massage is a relatively new form of massage where practitioners have undergone very advanced massage training, in addition to their initial Massage Diploma.

Practitioners are able to tailor your massage experience to exactly how you need it to be on the day. Client and practitioner agree which body areas are to be focused on, the depth, pressure and style of massage.

This helps the client to feel in control, safe and therefore the nervous system is able to fully relax and maximise healing potential.

Is it actually a massage? 

Yes, it is not a form of non-contact healing.

NO HANDS® Massage is a deep, powerful, nurturing, rejuvenating and nourishing massage therapy.

The practitioner’s hands are not used; they are using the soft parts of their forearm instead. They have undergone extensive training to be able to do this effectively.

This means that both client and practitioner are safe. The practitioner is not injuring themselves by doing your treatment. Most traditional massage therapist’s careers are cut short due to injuries such as repetitive strain and arthritis because of repeatedly using the small muscles of the wrists and hands to work on the larger muscular areas of their clients.

Because the forearms are used, which are softer and larger than the hands and fingers, the massage is more comfortable for the client. This means it is deeper, more powerful and more relaxing than conventional massage.

So, it is better and more comfortable for both client and practitioner.

NO HANDS® Massage works on all levels of your being to effect change and transformation – the levels of: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

NO HANDS® treatments can cover deep tissue treatments and trauma release. Your treatment is tailored so you are truly met where you are on the day, to get the best out of your treatment.

NO HANDS®  offers treatments that go deep into the tissues as well as exquisitely light and gentle treatments for those suffering chronic illness.

As well as tailored full body treatments, Blue Lilac also offers the NO HANDS® 4Elements treatments (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) and Trauma Discharge Massage.

Book in to try a NO HANDS® massage in our Cockermouth clinic. We have free customer car parking on Wakefield road.

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