Imagine a massage where you feel totally safe, nurtured and have the confidence to change the pressure used at any time.

One that is deeply enjoyable and relaxing, yet powerful enough to release muscular aches, pains and tensions.

Well, you have come to the right place, because this is the quality of massage therapy at our Blue Lilac Clinic in Cockermouth.

Located in the beautiful Lake District, our clinic is peaceful and relaxing, the ideal setting for massage therapy.

The clinic is located in central Cockermouth, just a short stroll over the foot bridge from the main street of Cockermouth.

There is free customer car parking available on Wakefield Road, Cockermouth.

A thoroughly enjoyable way to look after your health and well-being. Our massage therapy often helps clients to feel lighter and more at ease across all levels of well-being; body, mind, emotions, spirit and energy.

And did you know that regular high quality massage helps to boost the immune system, improve sleep and general mood too? More of that, we say! We love massage!

Come and try our massage therapy, and if you do not think it cuts the mustard, then rest assured with our guarantee to you, you can have your money back. Risk free.

So please use our booking link, or email/call (, 07546370498) to arrange an appointment.

What’s not to love about beautiful, enjoyable, relaxing massage that soothes and eases aches and pains?