Nature essences are preparations that contain the healing energy of plants, flowers, crystals, waterways and trees.

Whilst living in New Zealand, I was lucky enough to be taught the art of making nature essences by a shamanic person who was connected to the nature realms. She taught me how to connect with the plant and flower realms and make these essences in a such a gentle way so as not to harm the plant or flower at all.

Recently I was drawn to making more nature essences.

Snowdrop called to me and I created an essence from this beautiful spring flower.

Snowdrop showed me that this essence provides hope, renewal and gentle rebirth. It is useful to provide new growth and possibilities, especially after a dark and challenging period in life.

Added to a massage blend or used in a spray, snowdrop brings the energy of new growth, doorways opening, and the realisation of new possibilities. I am looking forward to this being an additional dimension when added to aromatherapy blends at the clinic.